February 12, 2021

"Amazing barbershop, couldn't expect less. Respect every barber but in my humble opinion Gregg is the best."
February 3, 2021

"Just had an excellent haircut. The barbershop was clean, safe and well operating during this Covid health pandemic. Would definitely recommend this barbershop cv"
January 16, 2021

"A proper men's barbershop.. With all the trimmings. 2020 update....following all reqd COVID protocols. Still a fine place for a shave and a cut, prices have gone up, but where have they gone down?"
January 16, 2021

"This place is my go to barber shop! It doesn’t matter who you get, every one working there is fantastic at their job."
January 16, 2021

"Master barbers.. only place that gets it right..."